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I am maintaining a list of free fonts with Unicode 5.2 coverage at the bottom of my What's new in Unicode 5.2 ? Note: Under Windows 7 none of the new Unicode 5.2 characters in the Supplementary Multilingual Plane (Avestan, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Imperial Aramaic, Inscriptional Pahlavi, Inscriptional Parthian, Kaithi, Old South Arabian, Old Turkic, Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement, Enclosed Ideographic Supplement and Rumi Numeral Symbols) display correctly in Notepad and most other Windows applications (they are all rendered as two .notdef glyphs).However, they do display correctly in Word 2007, and will also display correctly in the Babel Map character grid, but not in the Babel Map edit buffer.Delayed for nearly four months, I have finally released new versions of Babel Pad (version and Babel Map (version that support Unicode 6.1.Many thanks to everyone who has suggested new features, reported bugs, and helped test the beta releases of Babel Pad and Babel Map.Babel Pad and Babel Map were scheduled for release on 11 October, to coincide with the release of Unicode 6.0 on that day, but their release was delayed due to a Blue Screen of Death crash that occured with the beta versions of both Babel Map and Babel Pad when the Windows function Ext Text Out W is called within a path bracket, and the selected font is Symbola font version 6.00, and the ETO_GLYPH_INDEX flag is set, and the glyph index passed to the function corresponds to U 1F5FD STATUE OF LIBERTY (this problem only occurs in Babel Pad when in Simple Rendering mode, which bypasses Microsoft's Uniscribe rendering engine).The glyph for U 1F5FD in the Symbola font has a mega-complex glyph outline (which oddly enough is the glyph for an angel, whilst the glyph for the Statue of Liberty is actually at U FFFED), which probably results in a buffer overrun somewhere within Windows GDI.However, character names and code points are fixed, and may be relied on.As usual, please send any bug reports or feature requests to me (see my profile for my email address).

The newly released versions of Babel Pad and Babel Map fix the problem described above, and should be safe for use with the Symbola font under normal usage scenarios, but the glyphs for U 1F5FB (MOUNT FUJI) through U 1F5FF (MOYAI) are rendered very slowly because of their extreme complexity (several thousand points for each glyph), resulting in sluggish response in Babel Map when scrolling through the Miscellaneous Symbols And Pictographs block, and potentially extremely sluggish performance in Babel Pad.The list of utilities includes tools like the Unicode Version History Utility, Cantonese Jyutping Lookup Utility, Han Radical Lookup Utility, UCD Data Utility, Font Coverage Utility, Font Information Utility, Fonts Overview Utility, Yi Radical Lookup Utility, Mandarin Pinyin Lookup Utility, Character History Utility, Advanced Character Search Utility, Font Glyph Export Utility, and Font Analysis Utility.Babel Map has been tested by Download82team against viruses, spyware, adware, trojan, backdoors and was found to be 100% clean.Babel Map is a free and comprehensive character map that will allow you to easily browse through the whole Unicode collection of more than 113 000 characters, or to search for a certain character by its code point or by its name.You can copy the characters to Clipboard in order to use them in any application that supports Unicode.

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You can browse the grid in various modes, such as block, plane, or page of 128 characters.

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