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For the cable crossover, alternate stretching and then flexing your pecs between sets.So you’ll complete a set and then stretch for 30 seconds, then do another set and flex for 30 seconds.Picture that thin layer of tissue that covers a skinless chicken breast—that’s the same stuff.

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Whether you have pronation problems, high arches, or narrow feet, a shoe can add protection, support, and hopefully eliminate (or even prevent) pain.

Take our word for it: With these kicks, and a little R&R, you’ll be back in stride in no time.

Plus, if it works for guys like Magic Mike's Joe Manganiello and X-Men's Hugh Jackman, it'll work for you.

HOW IT WORKSAfter pounding the pectorals with some conventional chest exercises, we finish them off with seven sets of FST-7, which stands for “Fascial Stretch Training.” Fascial refers to the fascia, the web-like connective tissue that envelopes each muscle.

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