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Therefore when I entered the house my open/close sensor trips SHM creating a false alarm.

We get the siren off and think it's disarmed and sure enough it rearms over and over and over again. Now the core feature of the new hub has been broken for awhile and it's viewed in our house as junk. The core reason I bought Smart Things and it has been Junk. We even tried Franklin Mex's solution of logging on and it didn't work. So frustrating and lack of communication from Smart Things Support. I did uninstall Smart Home Monitor and just used Smart Alarm and it's working now.It's so frustrating because I bought hub v2 and recommended smartthings to so many people -- now I feel let down with no support and a buggy system.I still have had pretty good luck since my original problems.I don't know why this fixed the problem by directly logging into the account via a PC, but it worked.Hopefully this will work for everyone here because it was very frustrating to experience this problem.

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