Dating of the flood

This period also provided the towns of Emerald, Rolleston and Theodore with their largest floods on record.

The figure below shows the significant flood peaks which have occurred at Rockhampton during the last 150 years.

Flood Warnings and River Height Bulletins are available via : Radio Radio stations, particularly the local ABC, and local commercial stations, broadcast Flood Warnings and River Height Bulletins soon after issue.

Local response organisations These include the Councils, Police, and State Emergency Services in the local area.

Depending on your location in the Fitzroy River catchment, further flood information can be found through any of the following councils: the Isaac Regional Council, Central Highlands Regional Council, Woorabinda Aboriginal Shire Council, Banana Shire Council, Western Downs Regional Council, Maranoa Regional Council, Rockhampton Regional Council and Livingstone Shire Council.

In addition, the Rockhampton Regional Council provides a local information service on flooding in the Rockhampton area.

Average catchment rainfalls of in excess of 300mm in 48 hours may cause significant major flooding and traffic disabilities to develop, particularly in the middle to lower reaches of the Dawson River catchment downstream of Taroom, the Mackenzie River downstream of Tartrus and the Isaac River downstream of Connors Junction, and extending downstream to the Fitzroy River below Riverslea and finally Rockhampton.

At each flood warning river height station, the severity of flooding is described as minor, moderate or major according to the effects caused in the local area or in nearby downstream areas.

River Height Bulletins also give the height above or below the road bridge or causeway for each river station located near a road crossing.

This brochure describes the flood warning system operated by the Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology for the Fitzroy River.

It includes reference information which will be useful for understanding Flood Warnings and River Height Bulletins issued by the Bureau's Flood Warning Centre during periods of high rainfall and flooding.

The Bureau of Meteorology operates a flood warning system for the Fitzroy River and its tributaries based on a rainfall and river height observations network shown on the map.

In consultation with the Rockhampton City Council, the Bureau issues predictions of flood heights for the Fitzroy River at Rockhampton whenever it is expected to exceed 7 metres on the city gauge.

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The Bureau of Meteorology issues Flood Warnings and River Height Bulletins for the Fitzroy River catchment regularly during floods.

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