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You must be of "some age and experience to be a valid "Bishop." It is not for those in their 20's.

(NOTE: We often get requests to ordain as "Bishop", but since this is an "Overseer among Elders", we cannot Scripturally Ordain you as "Bishop" unless you have at least two other pastors under your authority.

College Presidents around the world must go through screening (we do Christian College Accreditation also), but for new Ministerial Ordinations, our Founder will personally answer your call! * * Please respect the time of others when you do get through . - like the "Universal Life Church" - they and their members have lived in the courts for nearly 40 years (they admit this on their website!

If you have any questions call us personally, or if you just want to get acquainted, please call. This is our Cambridge Seminary main office phone number. * * Please look over the "Letter of Good Standing" and "The Application" below to know how it all works. The "Internet Scams" who ordain homosexuals to marry each other, their pets, etc.

A True, Legal, Free Ordination must be based on Scripture to be "guaranteed defensible" in a Court of Law.

See if they believe the Eternal Word of God is INERRANT! "Inspired" from the Bible in the Original Greek Language is like "respire" - as in "respiration" - or to breathe! It is, however, a great and valid title, to whom Paul directed his letter to the Philippians 1:1.

with no brick-&-mortar Churches, and no brick-&-mortar seminaries . Most of these website-only-charades are "businesses" .

and no proven track-record of actually being in Ministry for years - much less decades. seeking to "make-merchandise of the House of God" . ] [ CATHOLICS ] [ CHURCH HISTORY ] [ ECONOMICS & WEALTH ] [ JEWISH ] [ TALK-RADIO-CONSERVATIVES ] [ REPUBLICANS ] [ RUSH LIMBAUGH 'BLOG & FORUM' ] [ G.

David Paul, Elder and Founder, Cambridge Theological Seminary Office North Arrowhead Road Cambridge, OHIO 43725 Office Phone 740.675.2159 For any questions regarding the Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree, please email us at Cambridge Theological [email protected][ GENERAL HOME PAGE ] [ MINISTERS HOME PAGE ] [ ANTI-AGING & HEALTH ] [ BIBLE & KJV?

Most of these business-pretending-to-be-churches are "deceitful" - though striving to appear "genuine" as they talk of "love" and "how Christ Ordained His Disciples." They are designed to "make money" . We are leaving a "financial trust" for the continued growth of the website, an "Online Seminary, Bible College, Christian School, World Missions, etc. We have ministers from over "90 Nations Around the World" determined to stand against modern, secular-humanist, politically-correct, pagan-heathens.

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Paul, with numerous advanced degrees from studies at over a dozen State Universities in several states - starting with Bob Jones University in South Carolina - has personally Ministered in over 50 nations on all major continents; with 40-plus years in ministry, founder of Cambridge Theological Seminary; Founder and Elder of Bible Churches United For Christ USA & Global. Don't take our word for it - open a dozen websites - or 100 if you like - and look for yourself. If you do find a better one, that that's the one we urge you to go with.

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