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Lily lives on the Big Island and very authentically shares her experience around food, health, non-vegans, and more.You need to check out her awesome personality in all of her videos right now!Unfortunately, this blog post would be too bloated (and take 5 minutes to load) if every channel was introduced that way.

I am here to teach Quran, Tajweed and Arabic for kids, beginners and advanced. If you want to learn recitation of Quran perfectly with (TAJWEED), I'm here to help you get th... I have a very good experience in teaching Arabic in simple ways because the Arabic language is heavy and rich of vocabularies and expressions so I have to teach you away from a...

Now over to the male equivalent in the vegan bulking and fitness scene: Jon Venus.

He is a fitness athlete and public figure who focuses on showing the world that it is possible to achieve greatness while starting from the bottom.

He is able to show just how easy it is to make some vegan gains and look incredibly shredded while still being able to eat huge amounts of food.

His power and passion are visible in every single video!

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We love how he likes to make fun of himself too and stays very down to earth.

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