Macintosh dns updating utilities

In other words, move the content of the /artist folder up 1 folder.

We have a helpful article that explains What directory you should put your files in.

I don't recall creating a folder called artist, so not sure where that came from.

That folder doesn't appear anywhere among the files and folders I uploaded via FTP. Is there an easy way to move the files from /artist to the /public_html directory? This seems like you are resolving to your server, but there is no website in the root folder.

Now that I’m working as a professional software developer, the program is finished: I only provide bug fixes and other basic maintenance unless I’m getting paid.

Mara DNS implements the Domain Name System (DNS), an essential internet service.

However, if using a computer you can manually flush the DNS cache without needing to restart the computer.If you are running a Windows based system, please  see our general hosts file article. I've done the tesging by editing the hosts file as per above. How do I know for sure it's pointing to the inmotion server though? Thank you, John-Paul I followed all the instructions and all worked well. Then I was concerned that I was seeing the old site and not the one I transferred to your hosting. I have also tried the temporary URL with not much success, which is why I wanted to be sure of the testing from the host file. Hello D'Ann, I'm not quite sure what you're trying do.Is there any other indicator showing the host while the website is displayed? does the name servers be pointed to In Motion or not? So, I checked the IP of both, with the host file edited and cache flushed and with the host file lines commented out and cache flushed. I think that you're confused about how a hosts file change works.I then went on to undo the changes as instructed above. When you make a change and assign to the IP address, then whatever URL that you have placed in your HOSTS file will be used when you try to view that particular URL. For example, if you added your HOSTS file and assigned to the IP address, then when you typed in that URL in your computer it would go to that IP address and only that IP addres per your hosts file change. It basically allows them to setup a particular domain name and use it on a computer for development without having to change the existing URL while it that location is being developed. Also, I recommend you clear your browser cache to make sure you have reloaded the active site.Everytime I open terminal and do steps 1, 2 (and skip step 3), 4 and 5, the inmotion server name/number is still appearing within the terminal. If the IP address and hostname are in your "hosts" file, then it is resolving to the IP. How else can I check incase something went wrong with this host file change process and it's just normal A host file mod essentially is showing you what it looks like on the server. So, yes, the IP for the OLD site would not be changed until you change the DNS. Hi, I used your instructions which worked are are really great, however now that I want to remove the info in the terminal it I am faced with the issue of when pressing ctrl x nothing happens and also, do I try delete the info or do I just re enter all instuctions, leaving out instruction 3?

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