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Savannah's adoptive father David Leckie posted a tribute to his daughter on August 9 revealing news of her death.'My daughter Savannah has passed away in Missouri.I would like to thank everyone that has prayed for her and our family.Savannah, who had autism, had been given up for adoption at birth but had returned to live with her birth mother Rebecca Ruud at the property less than a year ago.Ruud, 39, was charged on Tuesday with her daughter's murder.Ruud was treated for burns to her left arm but she told the fire crew that her daughter was fine and was taking a shower.Two days later on July 20, Ruud called the sheriff's office and reported her daughter missing.'I need to report a missing child, I think she's a runaway,' Ruud is alleged to have said.'I had a fire two days ago, Savannah is blaming herself for the fire. She took her pillow and blanket and her favorite coloring bag. (right), who was also living at the farmbut is not the teen's biological father, got married on the same day Savannah's remains were found on the property Officers searched the property extensively and subsequently listed Savannah as a missing person.She had bought a ticket to Kansas City and her partner, who has not been charged, had a ticket to Memphis, Tennessee.Ruud had three large suitcases with her, some of which contained blankets and quilts.

Ruud had told fire crews that both she and Savannah had suffered burns but she allegedly refused to let anyone see her daughter.To punish her, Ruud poured alcohol and salt on the wound twice a day and rubbed it in until the scabs came off.She had also smashed Savannah's cell phone and banned her from using Facebook as a form of punishment, according to the complaint.She also allegedly used a water hose on her daughter.Ruud also told police that Savannah had once deliberately cut her own arm 'in a suicidal gesture', according to the complaint.

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Ruud is alleged to have told Tamile that it was difficult to get things done because her daughter was 'treating me like crap'.'It's to the point that I either need more help to care for her, or I can do nothing with her.'I am severely limited in the work I can by having Savannah...'In another text message, Ruud allegedly said Savannah was costing her too much money and she was afraid she would lose the farm.

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