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Good afternoon, Healthy Chicks and Happy Spring to you!Even though it may not feel like it, especially with the snow/ice on the ground for fellow Bostonians, today officially marks the first day of the season (and yes, I’m wearing winter boots).

However it still doesn't solve my problem, unless I use media queries for every possible iteration on number of columns.Someone is always fucking looking for the End of of the World games so here's Zombies and Godshttps://mega.nz/#! arj VKsv BD3Rl Lc2j0Ealux2W2V09BQ0YQAkzt Fu-K3ohttps://mega.nz/#! In return, here is the most recent version of The Kill Six Billion Demons rpg I've seen. If you have specific requests I can get things otherwise try the IRC option and browse there.As the author already said, he's okay with people from /tg/ reading through it and perhaps giving him suggestions. I could only find a few of the basic roleplaying ones you asked for, but there are more on the irc you didn't request.. Let me know if there's a problem, the folders should be accessible but I don't browse mega much so idk what it looks like for y'all. Does anyone have anything that could satisfy my fetish for catfights? Bonus points if you can find a system that can factor in humiliation and embarrassment into a fight. Also if you already have some of these files I've mildly improved their bookmarks (generally made them more exact as to where they jump), so consider 'updating' Anon can come to this thread on 4plebs two months from now and still be able to grab anything linked. Again, there's literally dozens of other solutions he could be using other than putting things up for 15 minutes."Eroticized D&D play" is not something you're likely to ever see at my gaming table. Unlike me, he worships Cthulhu and the rest of the lovecraftian gods as if they were real. src=slider_view Checked the generals and the usual troves first but no luck. I've nothing to give but eternal thanks, but maybe like 10bux over paypal I could do. If you miss the window, message me again and I'll make new ones. Still, they might have something else you want.https:// Honestly, the reason I am using the mega as I am is because I'm taking this chance to both actually create a mega backup for all of my files, and to fulfill requests while doing so. Is he the one who did the maps for the 5e dragon queen books?But it's being increasingly pushed by a certain subsector of the OSR, specifically James Raggi, Geoffrey Mc Kinney, Venger Satanis, and James Desborough. That may or may not be relevant here, but I love reminding people about it. Something I haven't seen around very much: Albedo: Platinum Catalyst Albedo: Structural Integrity (Expansion)Albedo Character Sheetshttps://mega.nz/#F! Od8Rfa JOIHZVXa G99j TKvg It's a game for furfags but this is a no h8 thread. Not perfect, as I had to redact the watermark rather than just delete it, but here's the pdf:https://mega.nz/#! hq Sl Up ZV64Ds O-QOz QU1y N9q H80I1Po_WNpj Ks Inbc EHappy trails, Guardsmice! My net isn't super great (I'm on 4g), so I prefer to not UL a thing twice (also uploading twice is simply more work). He was really nice and told me about his book coming out in fall. I meant to buy his book when it came out on amazon but I didn't remember his name. Though if they were really serious about not breaking the law, wouldn't they ban these threads as well?

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