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Not being made to scrub the walls of your cell by an angry prison guard.'Parcels from friends and family would only be given to us after Christmas.

After 15 Christmases in Lard Yao Prison I lobbied for the prison to allow us to have a special Christmas church service, which was granted.'After the service we came together and shared whatever we had available.

We'd pretend to eat roast meats, seafood and rich puddings with fine bone china and silver cutlery - when in reality we were eating prison slop with plastic forks.''Five months before, it had been the King of Thailand's birthday.

His birthday was the most important day in the prison calendar because it was the day he sometimes gave prisoner's amnesties. Whenever she'd visited me in Thailand, wire mesh had separated us.'My homecoming was bittersweet.

Watching my family open their presents at Christmas, hearing Christmas carols.

After being caught at Bangkok airport, she was sentenced to life in a Thai prison in 1993 - where she was forced to eat rotting food teeming with maggots, sleep next to prisoners with leprosy and survive without running water.

Carnegie, from Livingston, Texas, was in her twenties and had just broken up with a serious boyfriend.

Don't be fooled by the background,' Carnegie said of this image, which was taken in 2001 'There were times of water shortage, exposure to extreme heat almost constantly, power outages at night while in the room with 200 other people so no fans or running water even for toilets,' she said.

'The smell of street cooking was so pungent - I couldn't wait to get home.

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