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You have to put them inside the addons folder in your Wo W directory ( */World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons/) to actually use them. dbm also doesn't really "show up" but it gives you a quick message when you log in- telling you the version you have and/or if it's out of date. New interface folder will be created (if not create one and create one addon folder in it).

Simply having them downloaded won't do anything, as the game only reads addons in that folder. files in a folder, not a folder inside a or a .rar) inside the addons folder. typing /dbm will bring it updelete the interface folder.

It defaults to "False" so that you can see if any errors occurred. upon startup, every x hours, etc), we recommend changing this to "True".

Whatever file you use for your list of mods needs to be formatted in a particular way.

Each line corresponds to a mod, and the line just needs to contain the link to the Curse or Wo WInterface page for the mod.

For example: https:// https:// https:// Have any questions, concerns, issues, or suggestions for the utility?

If this is not the location where you have World of Warcraft installed, you will need to edit "config.ini" to point to your addons folder.However, it does NOT work when I log into my character to play.Solution: Click the red 'Add Ons' button at the game's character selection screen.Feel free to either submit an issue through Github or email me at [email protected] put in the subject line that this is for the Wo W Addon Updater.

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This utility, however, is lightweight and makes it very easy to manage which addons are being updated, and to update them just by running a python script.

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